How To Make Soup At Home

How To Make Soup At Home, homemade things are the best thing which is full of nutrition and health benefits. As it is prepared with love and care.

In this article, I am going to share with you all homemade soup, vegetable soup is healthy and easy to make and the taste is just fantastic.

You can enjoy this soup with your family in the evening time when hunger disturbs you.

Easy To Make Soup At Home

How To Make Soup At Home

The vegetable soup recipe is easy to make at home with lots of fresh vegetables of your choice. Tomato, broth, bottle guard, and spinach are available during all seasons whereas carrots, and beans are seasonal. If you want these vegetables you can take up the frozen vegetables.

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The soup is full of health benefits that you want to take every day.

How To Make Soup At Home

How To Make Soup At Home

The ingredient is lots of vegetables all the vegetables that you want. Tomato, Carrot, beetroot, Spinach, bottle guard, cut these vegetables into small pieces and put them together in a pot with a glass full of water add salt to it and on a low flame put the pot till the water in the pot reduces to half. Cook all the vegetables till tender.

To enhance the taste you can also add boiled peas and black pepper. You can also add lemon juice, apple cider, and vinegar.

This is healthy for your overall diet, have one bowl of soup every day and stay fit and healthy. Enjoy the hot soup.

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