How To Make Chicken Burger At Home

Here you can learn to cook How to make chicken burger at home. This is very easy just follow the steps.

In a pan heat teil and add Hara Dhaniya, and Hara Mirch for half a minute, and then add carrots. After a while saute everything for a minute on medium heat flame and then add Pani, namak and stir. Cover the tawa and cook for another 5 minutes. When half cook switches off the flame and keeps the pan aside to cool it down at room temperature.

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Further, In a medium bowl add Hara and Lal Mirchi, cheese, bread crumbs, and dried oregano then give a good mix to everything and keep it aside.

Prepare Chicken Burger Tikiya For Chicken Burger

In another bowl adds mayonnaise and chicken mince and give it a stir until it’s all mixed up. After that, add black pepper powder, dried oregano, salt, bread crumbs, and sauteed Veggies, and mix well. Then apply some water/oil on your hands now take a little portion of the mixture spread a little in your hand then add a good amount of filling in the center then slowly close it up and give it a patty shape, after that roll that patty in the bread crumbs and keep it aside. Further, repeat it again for rest.

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After the tikiya is completed heat a pan with oil on a medium flame now place the patty in the heated teil and fry them until crispy from both sides and golden brown. Keep it aside on a separate plate.

The final touch for a delicious Chicken Burger

In a pan heat butter then add onion slices and then cook on high flame for a minute then remove it and add some salt, and black pepper powder and keep them aside. Then in the very same pan cook half of the buns until it’s crispy and golden brown.

Apply mayonnaise to the toasted buns then place sliced cucumber, Tomatoes, lettuce leaves on the bottom of the burger bun. After that place, it with a chicken patty then add relish and some grilled onions. Cheese slices, more mayonnaise, and further place the top of the buns. And it’s don serve it immediately.

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