Download Whatsapp Web Popular APK In Your PC

Download Whatsapp Web app on your pc or laptop easily. It is a fantastic app we all know and it has been downloaded all over the world. Everyone has become so used to it. Now it is also launched for use on PC. In the year 2015, and announced that it is an extension of the app on your phone. Mean your phone should be with you and connected to the internet in order to function. All the browsers supported this except for Internet Explorer. It is based on Android and one can access it through After scanning the QR code you can access the app.

It is the extension of your WhatsApp on mobile, all the conversations and messages on your phone also show on your desktop WhatsApp.

What is Whatsapp Web?

It is an extension of the app on your mobile. It appears the same as on your smartphone, you can also say it is a mirror of your WhatsApp mobile. Through this, you can easily access your app while working on your laptop or desktop without using your phone. Visit –

How does it work?

By scanning the QR code you can easily use this. The app requires you to scan the QR code from your mobile phone. Once you scan your QR code you are allowed to access this app and you need not, again and again, open your phone for little things. All the conversations in your app messenger will be pulled in your WhatsApp apk on your desktop. But there are some features of it which you are not able to use like you can not make calls either voice call or video call.

How to Download Whatsapp Web apk ?

The application is available for PC and you can download it directly from the given link below. Click on the download and install it. Go to your downloads folder and click on it and install this app.

How To Use Whatsapp Web without QR code scanning?

There are many people who did not prefer to scan QR codes in order to use this. Many people think it is not possible but there is a solution to every problem. You can access it without a QR code you can download Bluestacks and through this, you can access this. You need to install it on your PC.

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