Download Popular WhatsApp Apk For Android and PC

WhatsApp apk is very popular application which allow user to call, sent and received messages, photos as well and can also do voice messaging all these factors makes WhatsApp so popular and has been used by millions of user over the globe.

WhatsApp apk require phone no. to register this application has so many fascinated features that it attracts the more and more user to have an account. This apk is not just limited to mobile phone you can also download it and use it on your computer or laptop which commonly called the WhatsApp Web apk.

How To Download WhatsApp Apk In Your Android Mobile?

The WhatsApp Messenger apk is the famous application used for messaging go to Google Play Store and type in search box WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp messenger will appear and click on install. After installation open an app in your phone. It ask you to enter your phone no. and after entering your mobile number you will sent an OTP in your message box or you call for getting an OTP. Enter the OTP and you will get logon to your WhatsApp account.

You need not enter the contacts manually, this is the best feature of this application all your contacts in your phone will be showing in WhatsApp contact list. You need not ask anyone if they are using the application or not.

WhatsApp keeps on updating new features to the app. WhatsApp Web apk,  WhatsApp Web is basically an extension which is for desktop computers in order to use the whatsapp in your computer or laptop you need to download whatsapp web in your computer and receive and send messages directly on computer.

WhatsApp apk

Visit website and scan the QR code and also scan it in your phone and this application is ready to use in your desktop which is actually a reflection of the application in your phone.

 Download WhatsApp apk in your Desktop or PC

Downloading is not very tricky it is simple to download and use. You can download from the given link below  install the app and then you will be asked to  scan the QR code that you saw on the page. If you using Android device open WhatsApp Messenger apk and click on the three dots that appear on the screen and select WhatsApp web apk. Now you need to scan the QR code and your WhatsApp Web is installed and ready to use in your computer. This app also works on the Window PC and Mac.

Voice and Video call on WhatsApp apk

You will be little disappointed to know that your are not be able to do voice and video call on WhatsApp Web. This feature is missing in WhatsApp Web but you can sent and receive the messages as well as photos. WHatsApp team is working on these features and we will definitely enjoy these features too.

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