Best Game For Android ( jogos android) 2022

At present, there are a variety of games (Jogos android) available for your Android device. It is best for game lovers to download their favorite android game(Jogos android) and enjoy playing it. It is really becoming difficult to select from a variety of games available but here we provide some selected best games for you to choose from. You can select from the list below.

Minecraft Jogos Android

The best 3D game to play on mobile. Minecraft lovers can download Minecraft on their Android devices. This game is all about creating your structure from the tiles or blocks. You can download its pocket version which is like somewhat like the original version with a little bit smaller world.

Minecraft basically a sandbox game that allows the play to create their own structure and play with freedom their game provides many achievements. Download for free your best game Minecraft on your Android mobile (Jogos para android).

                                DOWNLOAD MINECRAFT

Call of Duty Mobile (Jogos android)

Call of Duty is a very successful game and now it is available for android (Jogos android), So now the game lover can play call of duty on mobile(Jogos android). This game breaks all the records in this game you have to complete the mission involved. The game has zombie mode if you want to all alone and multiplayer can also involve in the game.

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If you like to play such an interesting game you must play this call of duty keep on the updates and enjoy the game.

                                  DOWNLOAD CALL OF DUTY MOBILE


PUBG Players Unknown Battleground is one of the most demanding games, Now players can play the PUBG on mobile with all the best features available in the game. This android game (Jogos android) is developed and published by the PUBG Corporation. Console and PC versions of the game are very famous and gained popularity among gamers now you can also enjoy this PUBG on your mobile phones and entered the 100 battlefields.

                                DOWNLOAD PUBG


Need For Speeds: SHIFT

Need for speed is the legendary racing game with supercars. This is a game for the speed lovers available on Windows, Android, and IOS. This android game (Jogos para android) gives you the best driving experience. This Need For Speed is one of the best games for racing among all the other games(Jogos android). This game come into the market in 2009 and from then keep on increasing its popularity, So don’t wait if you like to play the racing game download it from here.

                                DOWNLOAD NFS

Gardenscape is a very simple game of matching identical pieces and because of it simplicity this game’s fan increases. This game also has minigames in-between levels which you can play and earn points which you can use in improving your garden or repairing or decorating your garden. The game has the classical touch and is similar to the very famous game Candy Crush.

This game is again one of the best games to play and it is quite simple and enjoyable. So download your game from here for free.

                                DOWNLOAD GARDENSCAPE

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